It's in the shops from Friday, 12 November, and we're giving you the chance to listen to songs from Bruce Springsteen's 'The Promise', a collection of 21 tracks from the sessions for his classic album 'Darkness on the Edge of Town'.

Commenting on the collection, Springsteen says: "'Darkness' was my 'samurai' record, stripped to the frame and ready to rumble. But the music that got left behind was substantial."

The press release for the album adds: "For the first time, fans will have access to 'The Promise' - two discs containing a total of 21 previously-unreleased songs from the 'Darkness' recording sessions - songs that, as Springsteen writes, "perhaps could have/should have been released after 'Born to Run' and before the collection of songs that 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' became".

"Highlights of 'The Promise' include the extraordinary rock version of 'Racing in the Street', the never-before-released original recordings of 'Because the Night' and 'Fire', the supreme pop opus 'Someday (We'll Be Together)', the hilarious 'Ain't Good Enough for You', the superb soul-based vocal performance on 'The Brokenhearted', the utterly haunting 'Breakaway', and the fully orchestrated masterpiece and title song 'The Promise'. According to long-time manager/producer Jon Landau: "There isn't a weak card in this deck. 'The Promise' is simply a great listening experience.""

You can hear the following tracks on this player:
'Racing in the Street ('78)'
'The Promise'
'Outside Looking In'
'Because the Night'
'Candy's Boy'
'City of the Night'
'Gotta Get the Feeling'
'Save My Love'
'Ain't Good Enough For You'
'It's a Shame'
'Come On (Let's Go Tonight)'
'Wrong Side of the Street'
'The Broken Hearted'