Actress Lucy Benjamin has expressed her delight at the return of her character Lisa Fowler to Albert Square.

Speaking on 'This Morning', Benjamin said of her upcoming 'EastEnders' storyline: "What I liked about doing this storyline was that it did explain where Lisa had been."

"When I was watching it, I was thinking 'Where's her mother? Where is Lisa? It's just ridiculous'."

"But it does make sense. She is mentally unstable and she does have times like that and the little girl is old enough to make her own decisions and say, 'I want to live with my dad now'. So she had to let her go."

"I liked that I was able to come back and defend myself because Lisa was kind of being slaughtered in the Square for being a rubbish mum!"

Lisa will be reunited with her daughter Louise later this week when Peggy decides to pay her a visit.