TG4's new three-part murder thriller 'Na Cloigne' debuts next week and stars Irish actors Barry McGovern, Áine Ní Dhroighneáin and Mac Dara Ó Fatharta.

The supernatural thriller, which begins on Wednesday 13 January, follows a young couple embroiled in the violent murders of two women.

Directed by Robert Quinn, 'Na Cloigne', which translates as ‘The Heads’, is set in the Connemara village of Cloigeann, which comes to a standstill when the bodies of two young women are found in the nearby woods.

Local artist Nuala (Siobhán O Kelly) and her adulterous boyfriend Seán (Dara Devaney) find themselves at the heart of the brutal murder investigation as jealousy, lust and insecurity drives their relationship to breaking point.

Speaking about the series, producer Ciarán Ó Cofaigh said: “'Na Cloigne' is a thrilling story, touching on the darker side of the human condition and a hint of the supernatural.

"As well as the gripping murder investigation, we also explore the themes of jealousy, family feuding and redemption across the three episodes."

The first episode of 'Na Cloigne' airs on TG4 on Wednesday 13 January at 10.30pm.