RTÉ presenter Lucy Kennedy has revealed how she's finally pulling the plug on her work commitments.

After a hectic few months, the mum-to-be told the Herald newspaper that from now on, she's determined to put her feet up in advance of her due date in November.

"I'm definitely going to take it easy from now on. Because I don't feel that tired, it's easy to keep going and forget that but I have been told I'm probably doing too much," she said.

"But I will be spending a lot of time watching Jeremy Kyle from now on. My plan is just to stay in my pyjamas for the next eight weeks."

The former 'Podge and Rodge' sidekick is also gunning to get back to work again, once she becomes a first-time mum, as she adores presenting so much.

"I'm having the baby in November, please God all going well, and I would like to think I'd be back at work by February or March. I need to sit down still with RTÉ and discuss it all," she explained.
She also revealed that members of the public have been inundating her with advice on her imminent arrival, much to her bemusement.

"Strangers keep stopping me in the street and telling me I'm going to have a girl. But all my family and close friends think I'm going to have a boy.

"I'm also getting the belly rubbing from strangers which is kind of weird and strange at the start but then you get used to it.

She and her husband, Richie McGoverney, are also considering possible names as well as they're torn between going for "something trendy or something more traditional".

Lucy added: "It's all becoming a bit real now. I'm very excited and very nervous."