New 'Late Late Show' presenter Ryan Tubridy has said he is "nervous but extremely excited" about his first show tomorrow night.

Speaking to RTÉ.ie he said "For the last number of weeks it’s been a few Fridays away and now it’s here. I'm suitably nervous but extremely excited. It’s a slightly out of body experience but I think I'll be fine once the lights go on and the seats are full of people and there's guests in the chairs.

"We're good to go, we're match fit and dying to get stuck into it."

You will get your first opportunity to have a look behind the scenes with RTÉ.ie Entertainment tomorrow morning with our exclusive video interview with Ryan who talks guest, pre-show preparations and his hopes for his first night.

Tubridy has also spoken about his relationship with girlfriend Aoibhinn Ní Shuilleabhain saying she helped transform his life.

In an interview with The Herald the RTÉ presenter paid tribute to Ní Shuilleabhain, 26, saying: "She's proven to be a great support to me through this whole time. The women in my life are just spectacular.

However as he gets ready to make his 'Late Late Show' debut this Friday, the charismatic presenter says there is no chance of the former Rose of Tralee winner sitting in the studio as he makes his debut as he is already be too nervous.

"No, Aoibhinn won't be there on Friday. She wouldn't like that and I don't think I could handle it either."

The couple’s relationship has intrigued the nation since they first went public but Ryan is notoriously private when it comes to personal matters.

In a recent interview with the RTÉ Guide he said: "I understand people’s interest but I suppose I was brought up in a way that would not have been impressed by somebody who mouths off about their relationships. In the months that we’ve been seeing each other we’ve only gone out once to a public function.

"I find it embarrassing to divulge stuff because a little bit of what I am should be kept to myself. I’m not scared of having my picture taken with Aoibhinn. I just don’t want people to think that I’m looking for extra attention. I just happen to have met an exceptional person and we are both in the public eye. I am very protective of her and of us"