'Home and Away' star Holly Brisley has given birth to her first child and named him Levi Harper Ford. Brisley is married to marketing executive Paul Ford.

She recently returned to the soap to reprise her role as Amanda Vale and was said to be "ecstatic" after years of trying to get pregnant.

Brisley told Woman's Day: "After years of trying to have a baby I'm finally a mum, and I am ecstatic. This is my best role ever."

The actress was apparently forced to have a caesarean after doctors said her natural birth plan would not be possible once she had gone into labour.

She added: "The obstetrician told us that the head still hadn't engaged and that a natural birth wasn't looking promising as my hips are quite narrow and he wasn't sure Levi would fit, so he recommended a caesarean.

"Here I was, wanting a completely natural birth, and I ended up having a caesar with all the drugs."