Irish born Hollywood actress Alison Doody has talked to RTÉ.ie about joining RTÉ's hit medical drama 'The Clinic'.

Speaking about how she was cast in the drama, Doody said: "I got a call to say that they would be interested in offering me the part of Lucille.

"I read the script and she’s a great character so it was so enticing and really nice for me because I’ve actually never worked on an Irish production while living in Ireland and I’m a big fan of ‘The Clinic’.

She added: "With my two girls I don’t get to watch much TV and 'The Clinic' would often coincide with when I was putting them to bed but in recent years I’ve had the chance to watch it and I think it’s a very sharp production and the cast are excellent."

Talking about her character, Doody said: "Lucille is Dan’s new love interest and she shares risk and danger in the same way he does so they share that element that attracts them to each other.

"It’ll be interesting to see how it unfolds, it’s an interesting storyline and I was just so delighted to be a part of it and I love playing that type of character."

In relation to her film versus TV work, she said: "It amazes me when anybody talks about ‘Oh, she’s choosing to do TV, why is she not doing big Blockbuster films’. As if I just wake up in the morning and think ‘I think I’ll just do a big Blockbuster movie today’!

"When you’ve been out of sight, you’re out of mind and I really have been working based in Ireland on ‘The Clinic’ and also spending time with my children. It was perfect for me to take this part without having to disappear for months on end shooting.

"Now I am pursuing more acting roles and I’d love to work in film. I did finish a short recently called ‘Rapture’ and I'm meant to be doing two other projects in September possibly October but we’ll wait and see. The way things are in the current climate, they're always changing."