The four stars of Todd Phillips 'The Hangover', Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha talk to RTÉ.ie

They may be relatively unknown actors but that status is about to change thanks to their new comedy and they spoke to RTÉ.ie about making the film, working together and their directors lack of morals!

Taragh Loughrey-Grant: Thanks lads for taking the time to talk to us. As a fan of 'The Daily Show' and the American version of 'The Office', I'll start with you Ed. Were you surprised by the success of both the show and your character Andy Bernard?
Ed Helms:
I'm amazed that it's gone down so well over here because we all love the British version of 'The Office'. That's sort of the original venerated classic and as proud as I am to be part of the American version, there's a little part of me that just thinks we ripped it off!

But I mean it's taken on a life of its own which is wonderful but it's just really flattering and cool that the home country of that show likes our version of it.

TL-G: And Ireland too, both shows are very popular here. Bradley, yourself and Justin have worked together before.
Bradley Cooper:
Yeah, that's right – that was cool. We'd worked together on 'Failure to Launch' and in 'New York I Love You' [due for release next year]. And Zach I'd seen doing stand-up.

TL-G: Zach, you have previously performed in the Kilkenny Cat Laugh Comedy Festival.
Zach Galifianakis:
Yeah, I was there about three years ago and it was great. I haven't been back since but they asked me this year and timing wise I couldn't do it but I'd love to do it again.

TL-G: Your stand-up career has really taken off in the States and the success of 'The Hangover' will introduce you to European audiences. Were you nervous though that the film could have hindered your future in stand-up?
I wasn't nervous; I was just delighted to get a job! Most times you take jobs and it's good because you're working but they don't turn out that good. This movie is really, really well done, I think we kinda felt that it was good when we were filming it. We had that feeling.

TL-G: That must have been great, to know from early on. Congratulations on the film going to the top of the American box-office.
Justin Bartha:
Thanks. There was one time a few weeks in and we were shooting on a highway in the middle of Los Angeles and I remember looking around at these guys and having a moment to myself and thinking, 'This is going to be a really good movie'. Just knowing it in the middle of the shoot...
BC: That's true, Justin kept saying it from the first week on he would constantly pull me to one side and say 'This is gonna be huge'.
EH: I felt it but I didn't want to say it out loud because I'm superstitious and also out of self-preservation I try to stay sceptical! But yeah, it was real palpable. We were having fun and I kept telling my friends 'If this movie comes across as much fun as we're having making it, of course people are gonna like it'.

TL-G: Did you all see it together for the first time?
I saw it for the first time with Zachy (!)…
ZG: Yeah, we saw Todd's very first cut and it was pretty overwhelming.
JB: That was really nervy because there was all these famous comedy people like Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and a lot of our friends.
EH: But it went over great and since then its gotten better because that was the very first cut and I've seen it probably five times since then. There are so many little permutations and changes that happen and it's even better now. It's really fun to see the progress.

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TL-G: One of the things I liked about 'The Hangover' is that there were no neat little moralistic packages to swallow at the end.
Yeah and that's completely 100% due to Todd Phillips.
JB: He doesn't have any morals! [Lads all laugh]
BC: There was a great quote, I can't remember where I read it, where he said a lot of comedies spend the last ten minutes apologising for the hour and a half prior and this does the opposite. In some ways this movie is one huge set-up for the punch line which happens in the credits [worth sticking around to see the photographs of what the stag party really got up to].

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TL-G: Bradley, there are rumours that you'll be playing Lt. Templeton Peck aka 'Face' in the film adaptation of the infamous TV series, 'The A-Team'?
I don't know yet. We'll see...

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