Soap bosses have denied allegations that an upcoming 'Neighbours' episode featuring two girls kissing was a ratings grab, influenced by the recent 'Home And Away' lesbian kiss controversy. recently reported: "Women locking lips is the new trend on G-rated television" and that "thanks to the controversy – and publicity – 'Home and Away' garnered with their lesbian storyline, 'Neighbours' is preparing to do the same."

They also reported that Neighbours had "already upset conservative groups with a teen pregnancy storyline and is bound to do the same with the lesbian storyline".

However soap bosses have hit back claiming: "This episode was shot before the 'Home And Away' gay story went to air, so there’s been no influence what-so-ever," 'Neighbours' executive producer Susan Bower told Australian magazine Same Same. "And there haven’t been any complaints about this at all to date."

According to Bower, the kiss is completely innocent, and isn’t even a lesbian storyline.

"Ours is a lovely tale about friendship. Sunny (played by Hany Lee), who comes from a Korean background, has never been kissed by a boy and is terribly nervous about the prospect. Donna (played by Margot Robbie), in her usual impulsive fashion, plants a kiss on her lips as a thank you for something Sunny has done for her, not realising she has just 'stolen' Sunny’s first kiss. It’s very innocent and plays out beautifully."