The charity cover version of Horslips' 'Trouble with a Capital T' which accompanies the new RTÉ interactive music series 'The Raw Sessions' is now on sale.

The track, which is in aid of the Irish Youth Foundation, brings together members of Horslips, Kíla, Republic of Loose and The Blizzards, Kevin Godley of 10CC and others under the moniker The Trouble Makers.

'Trouble with a Capital T' was performed live on 'The Late Late Show' on Friday, 22 May and can now be downloaded from:

Viewers will be able to see the story behind the recording of the song on 'The Raw Sessions' on RTÉ Two on Tuesday, 9 June at 11.50pm.

The next episode of 'The Raw Sessions', featuring Infomatics and Noise Control, will air on Tuesday, 26 May on RTÉ Two at 11.50pm.

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