Actor Danny Dyer has revealed that he will not now be joining the 'EastEnders' cast because he got "cold feet".

According to Daily Star Sunday, 'The Football Factory' star pulled out of talks with the BBC after he became aware of the intense publicity that surrounded the soap.

Dyer said: "I quite liked the idea of it. But actually, in reality, I just got cold feet."

"Just from having a meeting it's all over the newspapers and it gave me the horrors. Imagine if I went in it."

"With the 'EastEnders' thing, the whole publicity gets out of hand. It's like a whole new beast. It's not something I fancy."

"I didn't come that bad out of it because they said I was going to save the show. I don't want to write it off totally but at this point in my career I think it would be madness."