Following Shane Lynch's accusations of tactical voting by 'The All-Ireland Talent Show' judges, Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh has claimed that she is the "most honest" one on the panel.

When asked about suggestions of tactical voting on the show, Ní Chofaigh said of this week's voting: "It's all a bit strange."

"You'd have to wonder, 'what is this competition all about?'."

"I'm boiling it down to strictly the talent that I see in front of me... and I think I'd be genuinely the most honest of all of them," she said.

"They all have different agendas - all the judges. I don't know what Dana is about."

"This thing Dana is going on about... 'They have time to be good'... It's one shot at this. We're not going to check back with them in five years time."

Watch the full video interview with Bláthnaid here.