At last night's Brit Awards Bono joked that his ambition is to be the sixth member of Girls Aloud.

The 48-year-old U2 front man told The Sun: "I think Girls Aloud are at the cutting edge of pop music. They are a great band and deserve to be centre stage."

He added: "They have everything a pop band should have: songs, the look, it’s all there."

Despite having sold over 140 million albums worldwide during their thirty year musical career, Bono still feels that U2 need to, and are able to, compete with younger bands.

He added: "We see ourselves as contemporaries of bands like Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Interpol and even Girls Aloud.

"We have been doing this a long time but I still get the same nerves about releasing an album as I did in the early days."

U2 opened the Brits with a performance of their latest single 'Get on Your Boots'.