RTÉ's Pat Kenny has joined several other highly-paid broadcasters in agreeing to take a 10% cut in his salary.

In a statement, the broadcaster said: "I wish to confirm that my company has informed RTÉ of my willingness to accept a 10% cut in my salary for 2009.

"I do not normally comment on arrangements for my services to RTÉ. However, I feel it is appropriate to clarify my position at this time.

"Everyone has a responsibility to accept the financial challenges facing the State and to examine the role that they can play in working to ensure that we pull through this economic crisis.

"I am pleased to play my part in this way.

"Many people who also work hard and who have lost their jobs did not have the opportunity to take a cut in salary. I have a privileged position within RTÉ and I am fortunate to have been presented with this choice.

"My negotiations with RTÉ on a new radio and television contract were concluded within the last few weeks. These negotiations took place over a number of months and were conducted against the backdrop of deteriorating economic circumstances.

"It was also indicated to me at that time that a contribution from my company to cost saving efforts might be sought, given the difficulties facing the country and RTÉ. I indicated at that time that I would not be found wanting if such a request was made.

"The objective of the negotiations was to achieve a package that was fair to both sides, which reflected the new reality and which would still be proportionate to the services that I provide on radio and television. I am satisfied with the outcome of those negotiations.

"I will have no further comment to make on this matter."