Blur have announced that they are to play a gig at London’s Hyde Park next year, with a full line-up including guitarist Graham Coxon who quit the band in 2002, set to take the stage.

Click here to watch a Blur mini-feature including interviews and footage of the band’s reunion (courtesy of EMI) - Windows Media.

The band will play a Summer concert on 3 July, over nine years since they last played live together and almost seven since they released their last album, Think Tank in 2003. That record was made without Coxon, who left in 2002 to pursue a solo career.

Tickets for the gig will cost £45 (approx €51) and are due to go on sale at 9am on Friday, 12 December (

No other dates have been announced, but there are rumours that Blur will also play Glastonbury, which takes place the week before the Hyde Park concert. However, organisers have so far refused to comment, and warned fans not to purchase Glastonbury tickets on the basis of Blur will be playing the festival.

Since splitting up, lead singer Damon Albarn has pursued numerous projects including his animated band Gorillaz and a Chinese themed modern opera, Alex James has carved out a career as a writer and also works on a pig farm while drummer Dave Rowntree was recently confirmed as a Labour Party UK general election candidate in a London constituency.

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