With next Tuesday's budget looming on the horizon and world stock markets in turmoil now is a good time to be saving money. So the Entertainment team with their trusty notebooks in hand went out around the RTÉ campus to see what suggestions the stars of TV and Radio have for saving money.

Use TurfRyan Tubridy, Radio and TV presenter
I love real turf, the John Hinde donkey post card kind so I get mine in Clifden. My cousin Brian Hughes has his own turf mountain for his hotel, The Abbeyglen Castle and he looks after me when I'm stuck, it's much cheaper too. It's all about that evocative smell and as I leave the west with a heavy heart, a small bag of turf is my way of bringing Connemara to Dublin.

Favours a human hot water bottleEmma McNamara, Business Journalist
As Major Anya Amasova suggested to James Bond, while in a tricky situation in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, "Shared bodily warmth and a positive mental attitude ... " So turn down the heat and get yourself a human hot water bottle.

Make-up tipCaroline Morohan, Class Act Judge
For women who use liquid based products like eye make-up remover or nail polish remover, rather than have a cotton ball soaking up all the product, run the cotton wool under the tap for half a second. Then pop the product on top and its good to go, without wasting your expensive product.

Get into your gardenMichael Hayes, How Low Can You Go Reality Check
Grow your own veg and buy a cow for milk and cheese!

Wear several layersAidan Power – The Cafe
If you’re finding your home cold, wear several layers of clothes to save on heating bills. Also why not eat porridge? It’s cheap, nutritious and fills you up!

Spend, spend, spendLiam McCormack – TTV
It's hard to pick a budget busting tip. I am spend, spend, spend! Recession, depression, my eye! Okay at a push, my tips are: Staying in is the new going out. I'm getting into 'Mad Men' so that’s keeping me busy plus catching up on the latest DVD flicks. Another tip is: Don't be afraid to recycle old clothes. If my brother is throwing out something that'd work for me, I'll grab it and change it around a bit. If anyone asks it’s a vintage, customised garment! One way to save on the heating is to pop on the kettle three or four times and before you know it the kitchen is like a sauna! Lash your washing on at night time too, that’s another one.

hand me downsRob Ross, ICE
* One of the best ways to save money is the forgotten art of 'hand me downs'. Prevalent during the recession of the 1980’s ‘hand me downs’ were a staple of life in Ireland. Why buy perfectly good clothes for your kids when you could just take a bag of ill fitting second handers from their sweaty cousin?

Buy a spatulaChristopher McKevitt, Business Journalist
* Buy a liquidiser. This evening's leftovers are tomorrow's lunchtime soup (but only reheat already cooked food once).

* Chickpeas make humus. And chickpeas are still cheap! So are lentils and other pulses.

* Sounds obvious we know, but smoking is expensive and it damages your health.

* Exercise releases endorphins and they make you fell better. Take up jogging.

* If you think your toothpaste tube is finished. It probably isn't. There's usually more stuck inside. Use a scissors to access same.

* Substitute bars of soap for liquid soap. They last longer.

* Invest in a spatula. They are very efficient for scraping everything out of the pan.

Shop at Aldi and LidlKathryn McKiernan, Kazoo
I'm a big non-brand food fan and my mam is too. You can find great, cheap, chocolate munchy food, in fact all the treats for half the price! I'd agree with Liam (McCormack), staying in is definitely the new going out, especially at this time of year. Down with Cold weather.

Rick O'SheaRick O’Shea, 2fm DJ

Rick asked visitors to his blog (rickoshea.wordpress.com) to share their tips and here’s what they came up with.

* Bring in your bus receipts and get the few cents. Why should Dublin Bus have all the fun?

* Drive a classic car - no NCT, and sweet deals on tax and insurance. Hmm, maybe not. They break down a lot.

* Less coke, more ice.

* Learn how to dumpster dive. You might get food, usable planks for a DIY project, usable hard drives and computer equipment to try things with or you might get blackmail material to help flesh out your budget.

Dating on a budgetJenny Huston – 2fm DJ
Try dating on a budget. Take the object of your affection to the latest exhibit at the National Museum of Ireland (there is a stunning Contemporary Silver exhibition in Collins Barracks). It’s free and in a stunning location plus they are bound to be impressed by your cultured side. How about a seaside/waterside walk? Romantic, thoughtful (free) and a great chance to talk or hold hands.

Don't buy so much food!Ruth Scott – 2fm DJ
My top tip is only eat out with friends who are trying to lose weight. They’ll leave some food on their plate in an effort to lose weight… hey presto leftover (free) dinner!! A slightly less tongue in cheek one is to stop buying too much food at the start of the week that (a) you know will largely be gone off before you get round to eating it (b) that you’ll also be sick of before the end of the pack is ever in sight.

Stop buying glossy magsNuala Carey – Weather presenter
Save hundreds of Euro by stopping buying expensive glossy magazines for all your showbiz news -and instead keeping up to date with all things Hollywood on www.rte.ie/entertainment and RTE Aertel page 300. Good thinking Nuala.

Entertain your kids at homeHelen Curran – Weather presenter
If you have kids, you don't have to bring them out to expensive places....get some old toilet roll holders, some paint, glue, glitter and let them make a messy picture! They'll have loads of fun and it won't cost a penny! But don't forget to cover the floors first!"

Visit the libraryMichael Ryan, Nationwide Presenter
Give books for Christmas... then gather them up again in January and send them back to the library!

Don't visit the hairdresser so oftenMary Kennedy – Nationwide Presenter
A girlie budget buster this one! When your roots begin to show you can touch them up with eyeshadow or even mascara. Gives you an extra week or so before you have to get the colour done. Reduces the carbon footprint as well with fewer trips to the hairdressers!!

Support your local teamJimmy McGee – Sports Pesenter
Why waste money going abroad to see football matches when you can stay at home and support your own team and the Irish economy too? here's plenty of games on every weekend between GAA hurling and football, soccer, rugby, you name it and it's on here at home. hat way you don’t have to dish out for flights, airport tax, fuel surcharges and all the other costs incurred with heading abroad. Support your own. While you're at it bring a sandwich, couple of bananas and a bar of chocolate with you to the matches. That way you save your pocket, and your stomach, from paying for unhealthy grub at stadiums.

Support your local teamCon Murphy – Sports Presenter
Instead of spending a fortune flying over to the UK to watch football matches in England, why not instead support your local football team, saving money in doing so, keeping what money you do spend in this economy, supporting an Irish team, and saving the environment too!

Growing a beard apparentlyEamon Horan – Sports Presenter
Follow the example set by Tyrone footballers - Grow a beard and save on shaving foam!

Quit the gymJoanne Cantwell – Sports Presenter
Most of us spend hundreds of euro every year on memberships for gyms we don't use for about 51 weeks in the year. So, over the next few months, if you decide you want to get fit, just wrap up warmly and go outside for a brisk walk or even a light jog. Even in the cold, you'll feel better in the fresh air than stuck inside a stuffy gym, and it costs a lot less too!