Actor George Clooney is reportedly moving out of his house and he blames Britney Spears.

Clooney revealed that he only realised the popstar lived so close when he heard the helicopters over her house on the day she was taken to hospital earlier this month.

The Hollywood star believed someone had broken out of prison because of the noise being created and told Newsweek that he was now planning to leave his Los Angeles home.

He said: "I just found out, like, 10 days ago I must live within, like 300 or 400 yards from Britney Spears. I found out because I came home at 10 at night and there was [sic] all these helicopters over my house with these lights.

"I think, 'Someone's broken out of prison...' I get my baseball bat, which is what you always get in every film, and I called up my assistant, who I thought was in my guesthouse.

The actor/director revealed he quickly realised his home wasn't at risk, but that he was living near Spears.

He joked: "So now I have to move."