'Coronation Street' character Violet Wilson is set for a shock when her younger sister Lauren turns up out of the blue.

Violet, played by Jennie Platt, has always been cagey about revealing details of her family and viewers are about to find out why when Lauren, played by Lucy Evans, arrives.

According to the show's official website, Lauren is "the sort of woman you might not trust, but love to be around. Impulsive and funny, she can charm her way out of any situation".

'Coronation Street' producer Steve Frost said: “As sisters go, Lauren and Violet could not be more different."

"Lauren is feisty, fickle and fun – tearing through life like a whirlwind and always leaving a trail of destruction and broken hearts behind her."

"Arriving back in Weatherfield after jobbing in Ibiza, she seeks refuge with her big sister. But this party girl isn’t looking for a sedate life and if there’s fun to be found or mischief to make, Lauren will be at the front of the queue."

"Her arrival is sure to cause a stir on the 'Street', not least between Violet, Sean and Jamie when she discovers their bizarre baby arrangement."

"And if she can turn the heads of a few male admirers at the same time... she'll be happy."

Actress Lucy Evans said: "I am very excited about joining 'Coronation Street'. However, my first scene was a bit daunting in that I had to kiss a complete stranger in front of the entire crew."

"Lauren arrives on the cobbles in a taxi but doesn’t have enough money to pay for her fare, so she offers to snog him instead. But I had a giggle about it and soon got into my new role."

"She is single, footloose and fancy free so I am sure it won’t be long before some of the Weatherfield men turn her head."