Podge and Rodge have this week been let loose on the RTÉ Guide to lend their editorial skills to a special Telethon edition of Ireland’s favourite magazine.

What's more, for every edition sold of this collector's issue, 10 cent will be donated to the RTÉ People in Need Telethon 2007. 

Podge and Rodge have taken on the RTÉ Guide with some very frank interviews, recipes ‘you can actually make’, practical fashion for men who don’t wax their chests, Top-10 beauty buys and much more.

They also tackle the hard-hitting issues of movies, books, music, and of course, their favourite TV picks.

On this occasion however, it’s not just Podge and Rodge who strike fear into their interviewees. The pair have admitted to suffering from the jitters before their candid interview with Miriam O’Callaghan, also exclusive to this week’s special RTÉ Guide.

Answering questions such as ‘What with Prime Time and your chat show, how do you manage to put a decent plate of dinner on the table for your man every evening after he comes home from a hard days work?’ and ‘On your chat show, who was the most annoying person, ya ever had to interview? Just so ya know ours was Brian Kennedy’!

Miriam reveals that she was chased by a Saudi Prince while working in a hotel in France and that she would present the Late Late Show, but only if Pat emigrated to Outer Mongolia, and if she could do Prime Time as well.

Speaking about the special Telethon edition, Podge and Rodge commented:  “We were delighted when we were asked to guest edit the RTÉ Guide, as frankly, its standards have been slipping since the 1980s. The recipes are all Asian-haute-fusion-lean-cuisine and there isn’t even a knitting pattern anymore!

“And so even though they didn’t pay us, and we had to bring our own milk and tea bags into the Guide offices, it was good to know that for a least one week, the Guide would be back to its high standards of old”.

This special edition RTÉ Guide also includes a free Telethon Car Sticker with every issue and is on sale now.