'The Sopranos' star Steve Schirripa is to present a new cooking-themed series on US television.

The Hollywood Reporter says that 'Steve Schirripa's Hungry' will air on the Lifeskool network and will offer viewers an Italian-American culinary education.

Schirripa, who played Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri in 'The Sopranos', will bring viewers on a tour of his favourite New York restaurants, cheese, pastry and butcher shops.

Every episode will have a cooking lesson and interviews with celebrities, chefs and Schirripa's friends.

Commenting, Schirripa said: "It's going to be a mixture of comedy, history (of foods) and of course the cooking part and the stuff about lifestyle."

He continued: "I'm a regular guy, and this is regular food for the masses. Whether you're here in New York or in St Louis or Ohio, you're going to relate to it."

The nine-episode series begins on US TV in December.

Schirripa previously wrote the book 'The Goomba Diet'.