The Dos and Don'ts of Roughing it in a Campsite

Bring your wellies, even if the weather forecast predicts sunshine all weekend. It gets mucky very quickly. A waterproof jacket never goes astray either.

* Bring disinfectant hand-gel, a must when negotiating the portaloos on day three!

* Bring a torch, for navigating the campsite late at night, preferably a head torch so that your hands are free for balancing as you climb over tent ropes (or guy-lines if you're down with the camping lingo!) - and don't forget batteries for your torch.

* Bring a distinctive flag to tie from the top of your tent, for identification purposes. They all look pretty similar when it's pitch-dark.

* Bring plenty of blankets. No matter how cosy your sleeping bag or how sunny it is during the day-time, it gets very cold in the tents at night-time.

* Bring a hat, bandana or headband if you aren't prepared to queue for hours to have a shower or wash your hair - either that or dry shampoo.

* Bring plenty of changes of clothes. If it rains you'll need layers to keep warm.

* Bring your own toilet paper- absolutely vital for the portaloo excursions.

* Bring some first aid essentials, like plasters and antiseptic wipes/cream, because you're bound to trip over a tent rope at some stage.

* Bring sunscreen – because stranger things have happened!

Don't bring metal cutlery, can openers or other sharp objects with you as these will be confiscated.

* Don't bring umbrellas. They are considered dangerous objects and are not allowed inside the festival venue.

* Don't bring glass bottles with you to the campsite. Only plastic containers are allowed inside that area. You cannot take your own alcohol inside the concert venue either, no matter what the container.

* If you need to bring medication with you don't take the labels off bottles or containers as unmarked tablets/pills could be confiscated.

* Don't bring large sound-systems/speakers as these are not permitted in either the campsite or the venue.

* Don't bring gazebos or marquees – only small personal tents are permitted in the campsite.

* Don't bring your pets – even if they like rock music they won't be allowed in!