This year's Choice Music Prize event will take place tonight, Wednesday 28 February, in Vicar Street, Dublin.

The event, at which the top Irish album of the year will be announced, will be hosted by David 'Rigsy' O'Reilly and Michelle Doherty.

Eight of the ten artists who have been shortlisted for the prize will perform live. Neither Snow Patrol, who are in the middle of a US tour, nor Fionn Regan, currently touring Australia, will be there.

The full list of shortlisted artists are:

Director - 'We Thrive On Big Cities'
The Divine Comedy - 'Victory for the Comic Muse'
Duke Special - 'Songs from the Deep Forest'
The Immediate - 'In Towers & Clouds'
David Kitt - 'Not Fade Away'
Messiah J & the Expert - 'Now This I Have to Hear'
Fionn Regan - 'The End of History'
Republic of Loose - 'Aaagh!'
Si Schroeder - 'Coping Mechanisms'
Snow Patrol - 'Eyes Open'

The winning album will be decided upon tonight.