'Scrubs' star Zach Braff could be set to follow in the footsteps of Chevy Chase by starring as investigative reporter Irwin Fletcher in a new comedy.

Chase starred in the 1980s comedies 'Fletch' and 'Fletch Lives' and MTV News reports that plans are moving ahead to adapt the Gregory McDonald book 'Fletch Won' for the big screen.

Braff revealed that the film's producers are now talking to 'Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence about writing the script for the movie.

Asked about taking over the role Chase made famous, Braff said:  "They're huge shoes to fill... if people see any similarities, he was a goofy guy who wasn't your stereotypical magazine poster boy, but he had the ability to be a great everyman."

He continued: "If I can set out to do anything in my career, it would be to play people that the people can relate to. Those are the parts I'm most interested in doing."