Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan will release his debut solo album on 2 June.

'Paper Monsters' was composed with multi-instrumentalist Knox Chandler and produced by Ken Thomas, noted for his work with Sigur Rós and the Sugarcubes.

This will be Gahan's first release outside Depeche Mode which he has fronted for over two decades, marking his debut as a fully fledged songwriter.

Formerly noted for his hell-raising, self-destructive behaviour, Gahan said: "It's like I'm waking up, and I'm realising there's been a hell of a lot given to's time for me to take those gifts and do something with them. It's all about freedom."

Of the album which was recorded in "an open-ended, back-to-basics manner", he added: "What really hit me most was how happy and fulfilled it made me feel."

The first single, 'Dirty Sticky Floors', will be released by Mute on 19 May.