Created in Cork, celebrated worldwide. Since its stage debut in Cork five years ago, Enda Walsh's play 'Disco Pigs' has become a landmark in modern Irish theatre with translations into twelve different languages and a host of awards to its name.

Now the play has become a film and a whole new audience will play gooseberry to the doomed friendship between Disco Pig's central characters Pig and Runt. Directed by Kirsten Sheridan and starring young Cork actor Cillian Murphy as Pig and Dubliner Elaine Cassidy as Runt, the film is the most eagerly waited Irish film of the year and arrives on our screens after a great reception on the festival circuit.

When Kirsten Sheridan and Elaine Cassidy get together for a day of interviews in Dublin, it's immediately obvious that the relationship between them goes above and beyond what is the norm for a director and actor. Hugs are exchanged, plans for a night out are made and they coo over the poster for the film the way proud parents would over a new arrival. When they talk about the movie it becomes clear that they had so much fun on set they never wanted filming to end and now that it has, they want their enthusiasm for the project to rub off on everyone they meet. They love what they've created – you will too.

Harry Guerin