Jackie Chan has a lot to smile about. His latest release 'Rush Hour 2' has taken over $100m at the box office, he's booked out with upcoming projects and he's bringing the Jackie Chan action experience to a new city! He's in Dublin to shoot his latest film, 'The Highbinders', which co-stars British actors Lee Evans, John Rhys-Davies and Claire Forlani.

The film is directed by Gordon Chan (who made the Jet Li masterpiece 'Fist of Legend'), with Chan and Evans playing cops Eddie and Arthur. The two are sent to Ireland by Interpol Chief Hammerstock-Smythe (Davies) to crack an international smuggling ring. Along the way they get mixed up in all manner of bone breaking shenanigans and Eddie rekindles his romance with Arthur's sister Charlotte (Forlani).

With a budget of $32 million, it's the most expensive Hong Kong production to date and promises to be one of the hits of 2002. Taking a break from scissor kicks and building jumps, Chan and the rest of the cast got together in a Dublin hotel to give the lowdown on the movie.