Kenneth Lonergan and Stephen Gaghan have been honoured by The Writers' Guild of America for their screenplays for the films 'You Can Count on Me' and 'Traffic'. Mr Lonergan, who also directed 'You Can Count on Me', saw off competition from Cameron Crowe ('Almost Famous'), Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy ('Best in Show'), Susannah Grant ('Erin Brockovich') and Lee Hall('Billy Elliot') to take the award for Original Screenplay. Mr Gaghan won in the Adapted Screenplay category for his work on 'Traffic', which is based on the four-part Channel 4 series 'Traffik'. Nominees in the category included James Schamus, Wang Hui-Ling and Tsai Kuo Jung for 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and Robert Nelson Jacobs for 'Chocolat'. The Writers' Guild awards are seen as pointers to possible Oscar winners. The Oscar ceremony takes place on March 25.