BBC football commentator for 5 Live Conor McNamara told MoJoCon that MoJo isn't everything- but stressed journalists should do whatever works for them to get good quality content quickly.

The MoJo veteran, who took part in a panel discussion on iOS versus Android in MoJo, spoke to RTE about where he stands on that hotly contested debate, and where MoJo fits into his working life.

What is best for mobile journalism, iOS or Android?

"I always say use what works for you, ultimately that is what works. I don’t have the newest, best phone but I have one that I am very capable to use. I can use things quickly and I know how it works and speed is so important in these matters.

"If you want to create content or if you want to train people to do this don’t just focus on iOS because you will miss out on a huge audience who want to do it.

"I do use iOS and for me it’s because I want to be able to create content, edit and crucially, to share it all off the same device. You don’t want to have to upload things to the cloud and download them on a different device or you don’t want to have to share it through a cable or something like that but practice makes perfect and it’s what works for you is better than what is the best device."

You seem to be one of the first journalists to package something using a phone and have it broadcast on TV screens, how did you get to that point ahead of everybody else?

"Well, it has taken years and years. Certain things have made it possible, first of all social media and people making stuff has become more acceptable in general. But I think being able to do things like put a phone on a tripod, to use an external microphone and to be able to get a light that suddenly gives it production value and that makes it more acceptable.

"Slowly but surely, if you can give the BBC decent enough content they will use it. If you work in the industry you will recognise it but I think the average public sitting at home on their couch watching television a) they don’t know and b) they don’t care as long as it’s telling you the story."

"This mobile journalism is very much an add-on to your main job. My main job is in football commentating, I go to the games, I describe the action, this is something to give it additional content on top of that. It is quick and easy, it’s the cherry on top but it’s not the whole cake!"

Highlights from MoJoCon?

"My highlight from MoJoCon is getting to meet so many people that I only know from social media. There are a lot of geeks around here but it’s kind of a chic geek, it’s a cool thing for nerds like us who just love all these gadgets and making media in a whole new way."