RTÉ MoJoCon is a leading international media conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile content creation, mobile photography and new technology all in one event.

Here, we break down three key sessions you don't want to miss at MoJoCon 2017:

Snapchat Storytelling: Reaching the "Millennials"

May 5, 9:30 am

Nobody wants to be accused of ‘Digital Dad Dancing’ but there’s no denying that to anyone over 30 in particular, Snapchat can be a total mystery.

But panic not, this session is designed to help unravel the confusion and clearly explain what’s going on and why those hard to reach Millennials and Generation Z are so obsessed with it.

With an 8 second attention span, often scanning 5 screens at once, there’s an art to not only capturing their attention, but also hearts and minds and we can all learn something from the creative ways they’re using it.

So this panel, as DJ Khaled would say, will give you the understanding what it’s all about and, crucially, not embarrassing yourself on the digital dancefloor 

Participants include international journalists Kristin Granbo, Nusaiba Mubarak and Eva Schulz - watch a sample of Eva's work below:

Keynote Address: Richard Swinford

May 4, 9:00 am

This year's MojoCon keynote is by Richard Swinford of Arthur D.Little.

His presentation will explore how the future launch of 5G, the next generation mobile network, will transform enterprise and media and lead to the "Gigabit Society".

Richard is a Partner with Arthur D. Little in the Telecoms & Media team. He has worked on behalf of ADL for 18 years with operator and media clients across more than 35 countries, including the UK and Ireland, as well as most EU countries.  His work has spanned strategy, technology selection, service and applications development and content rights acquisition. He also worked on behalf of the operator community and the GSMA on regulatory issues.  Most recently, he worked on behalf of Vodafone on assessing the potential future contribution of future 5G mobile technologies to the realization of a Gigabit Society in Europe.

Mojo Long form and Documentary

May 5, 1:45 pm 

If you have ever used a smartphone to film a few minutes of video you’ll know how much space 4K or 1080 can take. And how quickly your battery wears out. Now, imagine shooting hours and hours of footage. Enough to make a full length documentary – or even a feature film. This session will look at the pain and pleasure of using mojo equipment and techniques in long form video: the advantages of small form cameras interviewing vulnerable people, how it alters the results film makers get and how ‘workflows’ become your new best friend. From ‘proper’ sized crews to one-man bands this is, believe it or not, the moment when mojo really does become ‘all about the storytelling’.

Participants include RTÉ journalist Eleanor Mannion and celebrated documentary filmmaker Bill Carter, director of Miss Sarajevo.

View the entire Mojocon programme here.