Listen above to Drivetime's Philip Boucher-Hayes on what action needs to be taken to slow down climate change.

The problem: Pumping 50 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.

The solution: Nobody has ever added together all the individual solutions - to see if they are equal to the problem. The Drawdown Project does that. It measures all the solutions that are out there and asks if they are all scaled up, all over the world, would they solve the problem? 

The answer: Yes, global warming can be solved with a mixture of technological innovation, policy change, and personal elbow grease. 

If we were to take the top 100 solutions that are being put in to practice in different parts of the world and scale them up globally we can reach a point called Drawdown. Drawdown is the point at which the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere begins to decline year on year.

The Drawdown project ranked the solutions according to which would make the biggest reduction of CO2.

The top 10 things we could do right now to reduce climate change according to The Drawdown Project are: 

  1. Refrigerant Management  
  2. Wind Turbines (Onshore)  
  3. Reduced Food Waste  
  4. Plant-Rich Diet Food  
  5. Tropical Forests  
  6. Educating Girls  
  7. Family Planning  
  8. Solar Farms  
  9. Silvopasture
  10. Rooftop Solar  

Oisín Coghlan, Director of Friends of the Earth Ireland, said, "It (the coverage of Climate Change in the media) has been sporadic, almost whimsical at times."

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"It hasn't been given the level of consistent rigorous examination or scrutiny it deserves given that it is the biggest challenge humanity faces."

"The key message is we have time to fix it - if we start now"

"We are seeing an awakening among young people, in particular, politicals paying attention like never before.

"We have seen the changing climate in the past year - we've seen the storms - and people are waking up to this threat. 

"And the last piece of that jigsaw is realising there are solutions and there is time to adopt them. There is no time to wait, the time is now. We are still having to cope with climate change but we must grasp these solutions if we are going to avert the worst of climate change. 

To hear more about the Drawdown Project listen to Philip Boucher-Hayes' report on Drivetime