WATCH: Prime Time reporter Barry Cummins interview the Richardsons who were subjected to a harrowing ordeal at the hands of an armed gang.

Sometimes there is a crime that is so shocking it is hard to adequately describe.

Imagine armed men storming into your house and producing a sub machine gun.

Imagine being forced to sit on your couch and pose for a photograph along with the masked men as they point guns at you.

Imagine a husband being separated from his wife and two teenage sons, watching as his family are taken away from the house, while he is told he must go to work in Securicor the next day and deliver €2m to the gang if he wants to see his family again.

All of the above happened to Paul Richardson in March 2005.

The events are seared in his memory and in an interview on Prime Time tonight Paul describes how he can still hear one of the armed men saying to him that if he didn’t do as he was told the gang ‘couldn’t be responsible for what would happen to his family’.

While the shocking crime occurred 13 years ago, it has taken until now for all criminal trials in the case to conclude, allowing the Richardsons to tell their story publicly for the first time.

And the couple are determined that people hear of what happened to them, not only that night in March 2005, but of their journey through the justice system thereafter.

Five members of the gang are now in jail, but there wasn’t just one trial.  Amid court rulings relating to search warrants and the use of mobile phone evidence, the Richardsons have given evidence an incredible five times in five separate trials at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Each time they have sat in a courtroom with men alleged to have kidnapped them and stolen €2m.

While Gardaí did recover €100,000 during their lengthy and painstaking investigation, most of the €2m has never been found.

On tonight’s Prime Time Paul Richardson recounts how, after delivering the money as instructed by the gang, he waited for a message to tell him his family was safe.

In a particularly cruel act, the gang never contacted him, but thankfully Marie and their boys Ian (17) and Kevin (13) managed to free themselves in the Wicklow mountains.

For the Richardsons the legal process is finally over, and five criminals are serving sentences of between 7 and 17 and a half years.

They speak out tonight, to give voice to what they have endured all this time, and to speak on behalf of other families who have suffered a similar terror that really defies adequate description, and is best told by those who have lived it.

Watch the full Prime Time interview here.