RTÉ Radio 1 Drama On One

The Last Commissioner

by Antoine Ó Flatharta

The Last Commissioner Written by Antoine Ó Flatharta 

Kate O’Toole plays the part of Rachel Bell in The Last Commissioner by Antoine ÓFlatharta. The play is set in Brussels in the not too distant future. In London, UKIP are part of a new coalition government, Sinn Féin make up part of the Dublin Coalition government and the almost bankrupt, Uzikistan has won the Eurovision Song Contest.

The UK is about to vote on leaving the EU. Rachel Bell may be the last UK EU commissioner which spurs the pro European Rachel and her young Irish spokesperson Patrick Sarsfield, to conspire to make the EU more relevant to the people, with disastrous results for Anglo Irish relations.

Kate O’Toole is  Commissioner Rachel Bell

David Pearse plays Patrick Sarsfield

Janet Moran was Alma Ní Ní Dhubhghaill

Mirjana Rendulic played the part of Malina Pavich 

Directed by Gorretti Slavin 

The Series producer of Drama on One is Kevin Reynolds