Paul Brady was the special guest on The Ray D’Arcy Show. Paul joined Ray to talk about his new album and tour, his musical roots and the future of "the album".

Telling Ray that he’s "stopped counting" how many albums he has produced, he’s pretty sure this new one, Unfinished Business, is the 15th or 16th and that he has about 250 songs under his belt. He cites his love for the job as the thing that gives him the energy to undertake a tour like this.

"Energy is a strange thing. Like, it’s limitless…No matter what age you are if you’re enjoying what you’re doing you can get energy."

Paul told Ray that when he was putting the album together, he questioned whether the album as a concept might be "a thing of the past". Ray was curious to get a veteran’s opinion on the topic. Are albums indeed a thing of the past? Paul definitely feels that things are changing.

"It’s very much on-demand now. Streaming is where I think it’s going…It’s a big, big change but things are even-ing out. I’m not one of the naysayers, to be honest. I mean, I’m not like King Canute…trying to keep the tide back. It’s the way things are and I’ve been very lucky."

Paul performed "Unfinished Business" from the album of the same name and "Hard Station" from his second solo album in 1981.

Listen back to both performances and the full interview with Paul Brady on The Ray D’Arcy Show here.