On the affliction of prosopagnosia, or face blindness... For Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1 listen to A Man Like Brad Pitt, by Dermot Bolger above.

It's possible some listeners may recognise my voice because I’m occasionally on this programme. If we met in person, you might even recognise my face, because I’m occasionally on television, or, more prosaically, I might live near you.

But if you know my face, you have me at a disadvantage, because, even if we go to the same shops, I’ll probably never know yours. I have a condition, medically called prosopagnosia, but commonly known as Face Blindness.

That is, when the condition is known at all, even by people who have it. Indeed I was sixty-one and three quarters before realising this medical condition existed. Until then, I just presumed I was a bit stupid, and casual acquaintances probably presumed I was a bit rude not to acknowledge them if we passed in a location different from where we normally met...

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