Drawing from the Well is a series from the Irish Traditional Music Archive, connecting artists with archival material to inspire new art - watch the latest episode above, as singer Lisa O'Neill presents Arthur Griffith: A Ballad History of Ireland.

"A ballad history is welcome to childhood from its rhymes, its higher colouring and its aptness to memory. As we grow into boyhood and girlhood, the violent passions, the vague hopes, the romantic sorrow of patriot ballads are in tune with our fitful and luxuriant feelings. In adulthood, we prize the dense narrative, the grave firmness, the critical and the political way of ballads. And in old age, they are doubly dear; the companions and reminders of our life, the toys and teachers of our children and grandchildren. Every generation finds its account in them. They pass from mouth to mouth like salutations; even the minds which loose their words are under their influence, as one can recall the starry heavens who cannot revive the form of a single constellation"

Arthur Griffith, The United Irishman, 02 Jan 1904

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