Morrissey was saddened last week when The Simpsons parodied him in a less than flattering light and naturally rock's Mr Misery seems to be the only music star to be unhappy about how he was portrayed on the long-running show.

He should count himself lucky South Park didn’t sink their teeth into him.

A guest appearance on The Simpsons is usually a badge of honour for the rock glitterati, with the likes of The Rolling Stones, U2, and even two Beatles starring as themselves over the years.

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However, when the former Smiths front man was parodied as Quilloughby, an overweight, meat-eater with a dim view of foreigners, he released a rambling statement castigating the show and adding to the already heaving annals of grievance culture.

To which we say, don't have a cow, man.

Morrissey is the latest in a long line of music parodies stretching all the way back to dawn of rock `n’ roll itself and while The Simpsons is the motherlode of rock and pop satires, the gold standard is hilarious Beatles spoof The Rutles and the deathless heavy metal send-up Spinal Tap.

Alan Corr spoke to Dave Fanning about the best and worse of rock parodies and why the tradition has become a form of comedic virtue signaling by stars who are all too eager to poke fun at themselves - listen above.