A new arts sector survey on dignity in the workplace has been launched by Irish Theatre Institute, offering artists and arts workers, be they freelance or employed in organisations, the opportunity to have their voices heard and to contribute to changing policy, informing training needs and building a new culture in the arts workplace for all.

The Speak Up ACTiON Survey, which should take around 10 minutes to complete, can be accessed here

Siobhán Bourke and Jane Daly of Irish Theatre Institute, who have led on the Speak Up dignity at work programme since 2018, said "Through our collaborative relationships with artists, artist groupings and Resource Organisations, we are mindful of myriad conversations that continue to happen online and offline about the experiences of people working across the arts. This survey will give us a clear indication as to what is really happening and how future interventions may be shaped. It is time to work together to change the culture of bullying and harassment in the arts workplace".

The new Speak Up Action Survey, supported by the Deptartment of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and the Arts Council, aims to provide an overview of incidents, frequency, type and context of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and other experiences of artists and arts workers across all publicly funded artforms. The results of the survey will inform policy and provide supports and training, with the aim of creating a safe and dignified workplace for all engaged in the arts in Ireland.

Minister Catherine Martin T.D. said "Any abuse of power damages people's lives, personally and professionally, individually and collectively. The arts communities are places where people with diverse skills, backgrounds, ages and genders work together in a spirit of collaboration and co-operation. This must be supported."

The first analysis of the responses offered is due in June 2021 - a findings report with further detail will follow in Autumn 2021. Find out more about the Speak Up initiative here.