Via Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1: author Nicole Flattery on a telephonic sisterhood...

"One of the earliest memories of my life is hearing the phrase, 'I’m on the phone.’ It’s a phrase now lodged concretely in my mind, a phrase that carries with it its own specific set of instructions – don’t dare come in, I’m doing something you’re not privy to. Now, there’s no real need to announce you’re on the phone; we’re all on our phones all the time. But back then my mother sat against the wall, on a dining-room chair, the telephone cord wriggling in her lap as she giggled delightedly at whatever one of her sisters was saying now..."

Nicole Flattery is the author of Show Them A Good Time (Stinging Fly Press). She will be talking to Rob Doyle on Tuesday 13 October as part of the Red Line Book Festival 

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