Temporary Unestablished Civil Servants is a documentary featuring interviews with The Raidio Éireann players, including Pegg Monahan, Colette Proctor,  Aiden Grenell and producer Micháel O HAodha, talking about the players and their legendary 1982 producion of Ulysses - listen above.

The RTÉ Players record James Joyce's novel Ulysses in 1982: (L - R) Kate Minogue, Eamon
Keane, Gerry McArdle, Marcella O'Riordan, Laurence Foster and Peter Dix

Listen below, as RTÉ Radio 1's arts showcase Rattlebag takes a deep dive into the creation of the production:

Listen to Executive Producer Micháel Ó hAodha speaking on German public-broadcasting station WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) about the RTÉ Players and Ulysses:

More from Micháel Ó hAodha - here he is, speaking to John Boorman about Ulysses on his programme Day by Day back in 1983:

And finally RTÉ News At One reports on the momentous production - listen below:

Ulysses will broadcast from 8 am on the 16th of June on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra - you can listen to and download the production here.