The National Campaign for the Arts has called on the government to develop a comprehensive and achievable survival plan for the arts and culture sector.

It's estimated that arts organisations will lose E2.9 million per month of shutdown, that 19,000 days of paid work will have been lost to the end of April 2020 and a potential income of E6.4 million will be lost from cancelled activities to the end of May this year.

Over 12,000 events have been cancelled to date, and the economic impact of the shutdown to date is estimated at over €10 million.

"A failure to invest equitably in the arts at this crucial juncture in recovery planning will seal the decimation of an industry that asks little and offers much," said NCFA in a statement. "If we allow the arts to be left behind as we move to rebuild Ireland, attempts to re-stimulate the arts and culture sector down the line will be unachievable, there will be far too little left for any meaningful revival of the ecosystem that salves, sustains and sells our country"

The NCFA has launched a 13 point plan to propose solutions for the survival and recovery of the sector which includes issues relating to funding, unemployment payments, insurance and a roadmap for arts investment - read it in full here.