The Dublin Concert Band and the choir of Holy Family School for the Deaf have released a new 'at-home' performance of David Bowie’s classic song Heroes.

The unique performance includes Irish sign language interpretation and has been dedicated to everyone who has undertaken heroic acts of bravery or kindness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The performance was arranged and produced by Dublin Concert Band's musical director Brendan Breslin from recordings made by the members of the band and choir in their own homes.

Heroes, one of Bowie's best-known songs, tells the story of two lovers separated by the Berlin wall.

Mr Breslin said: "Through our performance we are showing our appreciation of the sacrifices made by our frontline workers during this pandemic. But we also wanted to honour the many hidden heroes at home and in communities.

"Everyone is doing their best to survive the current crisis in their own way. Demonstrations of courage and bravery in every form deserve as much recognition as we can give at this time. Whether it's in frontline service, supporting community spirit, or showing the strength to ask for help, we all, as Bowie puts it, can be heroes."

Shirley Higgins, musical director of the choir of Holy Family School for the Deaf added: "Even though we are a school for the deaf, our students love music, especially choir. All our music is expressed through Irish sign language.

"When you see us perform, it brings the music to life. We are honoured to be involved in this project and to show in a small way our huge appreciation of all those who are helping to save our lives and care for our loved ones. Thank you seems such a simple sign, but honestly has a huge meaning."