We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland. 

Today's poem is The last two pots of marmalade by Alison Hackett - read it below.

The last two pots of marmalade

made by my father,

his hand writing on the lids,

marking the year they were made,

and also the year that he died

2015    2015

I open one and the scent of Seville oranges

conjures him back, here in the kitchen

listening to Radio 4, whistling to himself.

A blast of hot air from the Aga,

the plop of an egg roiling in boiling water,

steaming porridge sprinkled with salt

and sometimes a dollop of cream.

Strong tea, poured from the pot, cup after cup,

slices of toast, edges charred to black,

butter jewelled under a slick of marmalade,

creamy sweetness flecked with citrus tang.