We're delighted to present our Poem Of The Day, presented in association with Poetry Ireland. 

Today's poem is To Most of You by Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin - read it below.




about the suicides.

You are standing in the fields of Flanders

sipping wine in a bullet-proof vest

and your smug survival shines through.

I am sick of your well-loved worldly grief.

I am sick of your manly hands

convinced any words will do.

I am sick of the applause,

the pats on your back,

the badly covered tracks

of your boring quotidian joy.

I am sick.

I am sick, they will say

when it all tumbles down to prose.

And it will,

and they will,

and it will



even though the lines are broken.

About The Poet: Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin is a queer Irish poet from Arklow. They studied English Lit and Philosophy in UCD. They are primarily interested in short form revelatory poetry. Their work has previously appeared in journals such as Bare Hands, FLARE, Impossible Archetype, and Hidden Channel.