A fund set up by a Dublin Theatre to help Irish artists who have lost work due to Covid 19 has raised almost E24,000 in just four days.

The Civic Theatre in Tallaght is giving grants to people who have lost work and are experiencing hardship, and has received applications for help from across the sector including choreographers, painters, actors, musicians, opera singers, directors, writers, producers, stage managers, theatre technicians, designers, singers and songwriters.

The fund was established to provide financial relief through €500 grants, paid rapidly on a first-come, first-served basis to affected artists and groups.

However with the number of applications far in excess of the funds raised, the theatre is now launching a fresh round of fundraising with a new target of E50,000.

A survey carried out by Theatre Forum in 2018 showed that some artists are among the lowest paid in society, with many earning below the minimum wage and surviving from job to job. Many are self employed and don't have access to benefits like maternity or sick pay, or pension contributions. 

Donations to the Civic Theatre fund are being accepted through its website. The Civic, Tallaght is covering all admin/processing costs so 100% of every donation goes directly to artists in the community.