Watch Now: The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra take to the stage for a concert of music by Irish and Icelandic composers including a world premiere by Jane O'Leary.

Siobhan Cleary

The concert begins with Siobhán Cleary's Hum!,a musical theatre piece for two actors and a string orchestra which acts like a Greek chorus, commenting on the dialogue, but not accompanying it. The world premiere of Jane O'Leary's Triptych for string quartet and orchestra follows. Written for string quartet - four solo instruments which act as a unit - the piece is layered with the incredibly soft sounds of the orchestra. Finally, we'll hear Hugi Guðmundsson's Box - a concerto for accordion and barrel organ (!) and symphony orchestra.


Siobhán Cleary - Hum! 

Jane O'Leary - Triptych (World Premiere) for string quartet and orchestra 

Hugi Guðmundsson - Box 


The RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

Ryan McAdams conductor (O’Leary and Cleary)

Daníel Bjarnsson conductor (Guðmundsson)

Andreas Borregaard accordion

The Ligeti Quartet 

Amy Tress - guest first violin

Ciaran McCauley actor

John Carty actor