Primary and secondary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland are invited to participate in a treasure hunt workshop to find lost women's stories in their families, community and the diaspora.

Click here to download the Treasure Hunt workshop for Primary Schools

Click here to download the Treasure Hunt workshops for Secondary Schools

Students will learn about the heroines of the Northern Irish peace process and the '#FridaysForFuture' marches, inspiring each classroom to create their own heroic team to champion a cause close to their hearts.

Students will also explore progressive, egalitarian expressions of power through the fascintating life stories of the 6 trailblazers featured in the Herstory: Ireland’s EPIC Women TV series.

Teachers are introduced to the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of Irish Biography - accessible for free to all schools via Scoilnet - which features the biographies of over 1000 fascinating women’s stories from across the island of Ireland.

The aim of the workshop is to instil a curiosity and value for every woman’s story. 

Herstory: Ireland’s EPIC Women is a legacy project and a permanent digital educational resource that will give students and the public awe-inspiring female role models for generations to come.