Choice Cultural Picks from the acclaimed Dundalk-based band - AKA KT Ball, Mete Kalyon, David Noonan, Robert Hodgers and Shane Maguire - performing at this year's Puca Halloween Festival, which will take place in a trio of locations across Meath and Louth from 31 October – 2 November...


The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jorodowsky, it was one of the inspirations for our latest music video for our track Seven.


Some of our favourite music at the minute includes Robocobra Quartet from Belfast who make jazz and punk-influenced music, with really great lyrics, Trick Mist from Dundalk who creates his own unique blend of abstract electronic beats with baritone vocals and Vessel, an electronic artist from Bristol - would highly recommend the album Punish, Honey.


There are a lot of great books to list, so this is what some of us are currently reading... Mete: I’m reading Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals by John Gray, Its a philosophy book on nihilism. Reading this feels like having your cherished beliefs punched in the stomach, it’s great fun! KT: I'm reading The Rising, Ireland: Easter 1916 by Fearghal McGarry, my dad gave it to me. David: I’m reading Francis Bacon in Your Blood by Micheal Peppiatt, it’s a memoir by Bacon’s very close friend and is the best insight I’ve found into the artist's process, personality and lifestyle. Shane: I have just read classic sci-fi epic Dune after being a long time fan of the David Lynch adaptation. A powerful story with themes that are still relevant today.


David & KT: Dark Shadows, especially the seasons in black and white, it’s ridiculously slow-paced, overly dramatic gothic soap opera from the 1960s, with a vampire and the greatest theme tune...  Robert: In my opinion, Spaced is the best sit-com ever made, probably one of the best things on TV in general. It's genuinely brilliant from start to finish. The episode where they all go clubbing is my favourite. Shane: The Terror, Season 1 - a tense, slow-burning thriller based on a navy expedition lost in the Arctic in the 1800s as they battle against the elements, the supernatural and themselves. An intense meditation on survival and morality. Soul scorching TV.


Dundalk has a healthy theatre culture, M.A.D Youth Theatre put on plays that raise awareness to social problems that affect youth and help build confidence in them. They add a lot to the community and we go to their plays all the time.



We are really looking forward to seeing Æ MAK in The Button Factory in December. Also: The Lankum and Junior Brother Irish tour this year will be amazing, and the TPM house gigs are always great.


We each have a fairly different taste in art so here’s a list of some names: Mary Cowen, Julia Soboleva, Francisco Goya (specifically the black paintings), Francis Bacon, OMIN, David Lynch, Saul Bass, Elliot Arndt, Aoife Ward, Noel Fielding, Petra Collins, Magdelana Wywrot, Eimear Murphy, Richard Billingham, Nadia Lee Cohen Lee Miller and the surrealist movement artists.


Dundalk FM: 


Signal: It’s a non-profit, private and open source messaging app, kind of like WhatsApp and messenger but not owned by Facebook. It feels nice not having an algorithm trying to figure out how to sell you stuff. Downside is not a lot of people use it.


Squatting, cardigans and environmental disaster.

Just Mustard are performing at this year's Puca Halloween Festival, which will take place in a trio of locations across Meath and Louth from 31 October – 2 November 2019 - find out more here