The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI), a new landmark cultural centre in the heart of Dublin, has officially opened its doors to the public - click on the gallery above and take a look inside.

MoLI features a series of immersive exhibitions that tell the story of Ireland's literary heritage, from our earliest storytelling traditions to our finest contemporary writers. On display is a host of literary treasures from the National Library collection, including the very first copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Elsewhere, an exhibition celebrates the life and work of unsung literary trailblazer Kate O'Brien. 

Listen: Kay Sheehy visits the newly-opened Museum of Literature Ireland (MOLI) for RTÉ Arena

Offering immersive multimedia exhibitions, artefacts, lectures, performances, children's education programmes, historic house tours, research facilities and a digital broadcasting studio, as well as a rather splendid bookshop and a café - not to mention the rather beautiful and tranquil gardens at the back of Newman House - the Museum of Literature Ireland is a major new contribution to Ireland's literary landscape.

Find out more about the Museum of Literature Ireland here. 

Images: Jason Clarke