One of Europe's most gifted dance artists, multi-award-winning choreographer Oona Doherty brings her new work Almost Blue - described as 'a goodbye dance, a farewell' - to John Scott’s new festival Dancer from the Dance which runs from July 1-4 at Dublin's Project Arts Centre.

We asked Oona for her choice cultural picks...


Diego Maradona, by film director Asif Kapadia. It's basically a look at the career of celebrated football player Diego Armando Maradona, considered the world's most celebrated football icon and the most passionate.

I love documentaries in general, and on this film Kapadia got all this original footage and I'm bursting to see it. He also made Amy - the amazing portrait of the life and career of Amy Winehouse. I went on my own to watch that and remember crying as it is so sad, but brilliantly crafted.


I’m listening to the Chernobyl TV series soundtrack by composer Hildur Gudnadottir who went the extra distance for her score in the amazing telly series. It's heavy duty. I'm also listening to Fat White Family, who recently played Dublin and hands down the most transgressive pop group of their generation. Dark stuff. Music to wrap around my obsessions and depressions. Summertime sadness, as old Lana Del Rey would say.


I'm trying, perhaps rather attempting, to read writer Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punishment, but I'm very slow. Foucault is a French philosopher who made an analysis of the social and theoretical mechanisms behind the changes that occurred in Western penal systems and is based on historical documents from France. The history of the prison system is fascinating from people being torn apart in the street, to solitary confinement, to surveillance cameras. The development of people being seduced through advertising to police themselves. Scary biscuits. We’re simple beasts, really.


No plays - but loving being part of John Scott’s and irish modern dance theatre’s new festival Dancer from the Dance at Project Arts Centre.


Chernobyl has me glued to the box. I have a huge penchant for all the nuclear/disaster documentaries I can find, so this new offering is right up my street. Hiroshima, Dark Tourist, Black Mirror... things like that. I'm a fan of anything that may be considered anti-craic, I am...


The Fat White Family. I can’t believe their lyrics. And they got a new director for each video. Heaving with symbolism and stuff. And they're rides. Rock 'n' roll rides. I like how in interviews they’re pissed off at what I think is important stuff.


The Blind Boy Podcast; What more can I say? This I take religiously and regularly. 

Dancer from the Dance: Festival of Irish Choreography runs from July 1 – 4 / with public stage performances at Project Arts Centre on Tue 2 and Wed 3 July – more info here.