Listen to Only A Woman's Heart, especially performed for Ireland's Favourite Folk Song by Saint Sister, above, and read all about the song below...

When Eleanor McEvoy composed Only A Woman’s Heart, little did she know that she had written a song that would go on to capture the imagination of a nation and resonate down through generations.

It was not even a regular in her early repertoire. The poignant lyrics and the wistful melody together with the perfect vocal tone achieved, struck a deep chord with all who heard the recording. Women particularly drew inspiration from the song and it became a type of anthem at a time when the country’s culture was changing. The song tells of a woman’s heartache and bewilderment after the break-up of a ‘bittersweet romance’. She knows she will ‘survive’ and ‘manage’ on her own but her soul remains ‘troubled’ and ‘memories flood’ her ‘weary heart’. The song, recorded as a duet with Mary Black in 1992, became the title track on the album A Woman’s Heart. It was a huge success, selling over a million records worldwide and remains Ireland’s biggest selling album of all time. Eleanor’s title track was released as the lead single and the rest is history.

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